Nicknames: Tony Allen, Home Run Fratsis, Kats, Bat Guy

Born: January 28, 1994

Died: -

Background: Many think that Bat Guy Katsis grew up in the country since he listens to that Tim McGraw country-something music. But this is not the case. Home Run Fratsis grew up in Cali - right next to Stanford! Woah! Dumb guy dumb guy teer guy Katsis played bumper pool prior to recorded history, obtaining a victory over Bumpmaster (Tyler) during the first night of the bumper pool table's rein on campus. Tony Allen has spent time at the very bottom of the bumper pool weekly rankings, yet has somehow managed to remain a heel. This is a true mystery. Home Run Fratsis is the source of the bumper pool term "Pulling a Katsis" (referring to balls entering a hole but being spit back out) as well as a fan favorite "Did Katsis just pot himself?"

Strengths: Trash talk, complete confidence

Weaknesses: None - an all around perfect, humble player.

Slogan: " " - while doing "the bernie"

Face or Heel? Heel.