Nickname: Stonewall Jackson (The Dorsey D)

Born: February 16, 1994

Died: -

Background: Brian Dorsey grew up on the mean streets of Shady Hollow, deep in the heart of Austin, Texas. He is the son of Jim and Rhonda Dorsey, two legends in their own right. Though lost to recorded history, Dorsey is said to have "honed his skills in a small village," potentially referring to Shady Hollow or Bowie High School. Dorsey's proclivity for rapid mastery of skills began showing through during his esteemed high school career as a Bowie Bulldog. He posted a career 0.9119 winning percentage as a wrestler, was awarded second-team all-state to conclude his ultimate frisbee high school career, and, most importantly, founded the Knickerbocker Club, a haven for debauchery and gentlemanly good looks at Bowie High School. He was brought to the game by fellow ROC Crew member, Mehul Mehta. Dorsey's entrance to the bump scene was a grand one, knocking off two top-10 foes in his first three games with an unorthodox, fierce style of play. This style was forever immortalized as "The Dorsey D," and is arguably the most impactful addition to the game after the advent of the "New Age." With refinement of his game from experience, Dorsey has evolved into a terrifying player, capable of knocking off a top-ranked player at any time. It seems just a matter of time until his inevitable ascent to the rarefied air of the top-tier of the rankings.

Strengths: Game-altering defense, unabashed confidence, and a strong jawline

Weaknesses: His game is nearly unimpeachable, but he does have particular weaknesses for Texas country music and barbecue, Red Oak Amber Lager, and mid-season wrestling cravings like a Cuban sandwich topped with a Hershey's cookies and cream bar

Slogan: "Sorryyyy ¯\_(ツ)_/¯" - after he inexplicably defends impossible-to-defend scenarios, often turning the game in his favor, "See ya!" - as he prepares to uproot your ball from scoring position, "Did you not look at the physics page?"

Face or Heel? Constantly in pursuit of "hundo-p heel status"