The following describes the gameplay rules penalties utilized by the Duke Bumper Pool community.

Gameplay Rules

1) Players select sides and cues. A player selecting the red side will shoot the red balls into the red pocket.

2) Balls are placed on the black dots on the table on each side, with spotted balls taking the center position directly in front of the pocket.

3) Gameplay begins with both players simultaneously shooting their spotted ball off the right cushion towards the opponent's pocket.

4) The player who comes closest to the black dot in front of the opponent's pocket will shoot next. If a player makes their spotted ball directly on the opening shot, that player will shoot next. If both players score their opening shots, players repeat the simultaneous opening shot with the ball directly to the left of the spotted ball, being sure to play off of the right cushion.

5) Players then alternate turns. If a player scores a ball, they continue to shoot until they play a shot that does not score.

6) The player who scores all 5 balls first wins.

Technicalities and Penalties

1) A player must score their spotted ball before scoring other balls.

2) If a player shoots a non-spotted ball before scoring their spotted ball, the non-spotted ball used cannot contact any balls on the table. If the non-spotted ball used contacts another ball, both balls are returned to original position and the player loses their turn.

3) If a player shoots their own ball off the table, the ball is placed in the center of the table ("Jail"), and the opponent shoots next.

4) If a player shoots an opponent's ball off the table, the opponent's ball will be returned to its original position and the ball used to eject the opponent's ball will be placed in the center of the table.

5) If a player scores an opponent's ball it will count for their opponent and gameplay continues.

6) If player scores their own ball in their own defensive pocket (e.g. Red player shoots red ball into white pocket), the opponent may hand-pocket any 2 balls. The opponent also shoots next.

7) If player scores any ball before the spotted ball, the opponent may hand-pocket any 2 balls. The opponent also shoots next.

8) If a player scores their last ball into their own defensive pocket, that player loses the game.

9) If each player only has 1 ball remaining, players must eventually attempt to move their balls into a scoring position. In other words, a player who is in scoring position during a game in which each player only has 1 ball remaining does not need to attempt to dislodge an opponents defensive ball that is not in scoring position.