Nickname: Infinity King

Born: January 9, 1995

Died: ∞

Background: George hails from the great city of New Orleans, Louisiana. Born and raised in the deep south, George is a fine gentleman. Literally no one on earth has heard George utter a curse word. He's just too darn polite for that. Although he only started playing bumper pool in the Fall of 2014, George was quickly identified as a rising star. With absurd level of natural talent and an unparalleled work ethic, George rose in the bumper pool rankings with unprecedented speed. In reaction to George's awe inspiring bumper pool abilities, he was predicted to win the 2014 World Championships of Bumper Pool with a score of ∞-0 for every series. To the amazement of mathematicians and bumper pool players alike, George did indeed accomplish this feat. This truly amazing event gave rise to George's nickname "Infinity King."

George is known for revolutionizing the use of the jump shot both as an offensive weapon and a defensive tool.

Strengths: Sex appeal. Telepathy. Ability to Control Electromagnetic Forces. Dat athletic body doe. That beautiful lemur tail.

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Weaknesses: A tendency to lose to un-ranked players. Spelling and Grammar.

Slogan: "BITCH" "ASSCLOWN!" - uttered when George misses an important shot (Interchangeable with "FUCK YOU")

Face or Heel? clearly face. How could someone with this much sex appeal not be a face? (edit: George is a heel - he bullies Jonah at his most vulnerable times, "Jonah cheats" - George Smith, this said without any evidence of Jonah cheating. Contradictory much?)