Nickname: Game Revolutionizer

Born: Dec 28, 1993

Died: -

Background: Kaighn grew up in the suburbs of Raleigh, NC, but hails from the mean streets of Philadelphia. He got a late start in the bump scene at a tender age of 20, but has matured into a prime time player. He was responsible for shifting bump from a recreational past time to a data driven, competitive sport. He first recommended that games be recorded in a spreadsheet, and then he created software to parse the results and put them in a readable format. For a time he searched for a suitable ranking algorithm, and at the end of those dark, isolated weeks he emerged with the Elo rating system in place today. Since the dawn of the modern ranking system, he has never left his #2 spot on the rankings. (edit: Will Victor aka Bumper Jesus took the #2 ranking on February 21, 2015, and held it two weeks before losing it back to Kaighn). He has never failed to reach the final round in any of his 4 tournament appearances. He has a winning record against all players, except for world #1.

Strengths: The Viper shot, the Graze D, Zen Mode, through-the-bumper setups

Weaknesses: Tyler. Motherfucking. Glass.

Slogan: "This will revolutionize the game" - uttered when Kaighn revolutionizes the game.

Face or Heel? The force is strong in this one, and Kaighn began a surefire heel. In the new year of 2015, he has reversed this and looks to be a face of the game today.