Bpool champ

Nickname: Bumpmaster

Born: July 14, 1994

Died: -

Background: Tyler grew up in the suburbs of Raleigh, NC, honing his skills in hockey, cross country, calculus, and telepathy before combining these interests and starting his bumper pool career at the age of 4 when the table from his grandma's house was relocated to his home in Raleigh. He brought bumper pool to Duke in August 2014 and founded "Le Bump" along with orchestrating the World Championships and Bump Madness tournaments. He has never spent a week not on the #1 spot in the bumper pool rankings (edit: Bumper Jesus took the #1 ranking one week which produced the Great Farming of Bumper Jesus and order was restored the following week).

Strengths: Intimidating opponents, winning the 1st ball, new age tactics, top-spin defense

Weaknesses: Occasionally sleeps at night instead of honing his bumper pool craft


1) "Whip out your brooms kids." - uttered by Tyler at any point during a game that he decides to sweep his opponent

2) " Welcome to the new age." - uttered by Tyler after sinking a new age shot on a player who is using traditional strategy

Face or Heel? Becoming more heelish every day. Pro wrestling aficionados may describe him as a "Tweener".